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Cortex Consumer Marketing

Recent polling revealed that 73% of millennials say they would be more excited about a new offering in financial services from Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal, or Square than from their own nationwide bank.* Many consumers need financial help, and when they do, you can be there for them - online.

* The Millennial Disruption Index (

Brand Development

Our marketing expertise can help you cultivate an existing brand, or if needed, build an entirely new one that today’s digitally-savvy consumers recognize and trust. Our creative services include logo development, product positioning, and developing graphic standard guidelines.

Lead Generation

Our team can create robust awareness, acquisition, and retention campaigns to support your lending objectives. We then put your brand in front of the people who are likely to need your online lending services.

Traditional Marketing

Our direct mail programs are best-in-class. We adhere to a strict testing methodology to drive overall campaign performance.

Digital Marketing

Our digital capabilities include media buying, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, campaign optimization, online display ads, and remarketing/retargeting.

By combining in-house expertise in traditional marketing with cutting edge digital tools, we can effectively market your product across multiple channels.

Our best-in-class marketing techniques include multi-channel campaigns to acquire, retain, and grow your customer base.

Cortex Consumer Marketing - Data Driven Marketing

Cortex Consumer Marketing Services

  • Brand development
  • Lead generation/customer retention
  • Direct mail
    • Pre-screened credit offers
    • Invitation to apply programs
  • Website design and management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Content development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Media buying
  • Campaign and online analytics
  • Online display ads
  • Remarketing/retargeting
  • Email/SMS
  • Competitive analysis

Benefits for your brand

  • Identify new consumer acquisition targets
  • Increase customer awareness
  • Enhance search results
  • Generate online traffic
  • Manage acquisition costs
  • Gain consumer confidence
  • Drive emotional attachment to your brand

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