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Leverage our proven digital platform to make the right online lending decisions and maximize your profits.
Cortex Risk Management

Cortex enables online lending through a precise and proven set of risk management tools, managed by an expert risk management team.

Based on more than 15 years of lending experience in the fast-paced, fintech space, we know it takes intelligence, insight, and ingenuity to successfully manage risk.

Our Cortex Risk Management services provide portfolio optimization, statistical model development, and model management. We help you develop strategies around product pricing, terms, underwriting, policy development and fraud mitigation, a serious challenge facing online lenders.

Additionally, we provide credit risk scorecard development for approval and pricing decisions − all to help you make better lending decisions and maximize performance.


  • Achieve scale – With our multi-channel approach to customer acquisition, we can help your identify appropriate leads for your business.
  • Credit policy – Policy is more than simply who gets approved and who doesn’t; we create opportunities to better manage the approval process.
  • Mitigate risk – Rather than blanket changes, we can identify unique strategies for specific populations to better manage the overall portfolio—subject to whatever constraint is deemed important.

The 11th-generation Think Finance Risk Model is state-of-the-art and offers customized strategies to deliver lower default rates and lower acquisition costs.

Thriving for nearly 15 years as an industry leader and managing through multiple credit cycles, we leverage our Technology and Business know-how to expand your organization’s lending capabilities.

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